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“…The priests and priestesses of the empire’s temples use runes to capture and focus the energy Anie is able to wield freely. According to imperial histories, when the troops of the Emperor Nejub first encountered the Deonai tribes to the north with their ability to harness and control energy without rune spells, it was identified as blasphemy and marked for destruction. However, Deonai tradition tells of a time when Seane priests and priestesses travelled from the empire northward seeking instruction, a skill none were able to obtain, as it appears only those of Deonai ancestry can manifest this ability; at least we have no evidence of anyone not born with a Deonai connection able to freely wield energy. (Though I should note “freely” may be a misleading term, as rainbow catchers pay for their ability to wield energy without runes with a significant drain on their physical being, a drain that usually leads to weakness and in extreme cases seizures and even death.)

But divergent history aside, temple runes capture and control energy using firstly shape and color, followed by angle and proportion. Take the Spell of Surrender and its reverse spell as an example (see plate 12.3): here you see two runes of the same shape, color and proportion; the difference is in the angle of the downward curve with the angle of the surrender rune more complex than its simple reversal. To build on even this subtly, those of very great skill can manipulate their spells with fine adjustments using the motion of their fingers and hands as they create the rune, as well as by uttering sound to accompany the rune’s creation. These latter abilities using movement and sound are only found among the highest servants of the empire’s temples.

Like the empire’s high temple servants (“high” indicating a leadership role, and “servant” being a title taken by all the priests and priestesses to indicate their service work for their gods) who can amplify their rune spells with motion and sound, Deonai rainbow catchers with a strong affinity to energy can also manipulate motion and sound, though this is seen in very few cases. The ability to manipulate motion, in particular, is especially rare, and was believed to have grown extinct prior even to the powerful Lefietan….”