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Born heir to a cruel, intolerant society, gentle seventeen-year-old Princess Anie begins a journey with her two brothers and best friend that will shape her into the hero of her world; a quest where she must find the courage to bring down an empire--or see her world destroyed.

In the Isle of Waiting, book one of The Rainbow Catcher, the imperial princess, Anie, is denied her inheritance and confined to a cloistered life. Born with the distinctive features of the enslaved northern race, her very existence is fuel for a violent rebellion. To protect her family and preserve what little peace remains, she offers to step aside and allow her youngest brother to take the throne. But when rainbows appear in her shadow, they reveal she has also inherited the slaves' forbidden magic: blasphemous magic that almost defeated the empire. Now it's not enough for Anie to give up the throne. She must give up her life--or fight for it and for her world.
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